ELP: Recognized for Excellence in Wedding Photojournalism

What a week! And how happy are we all that tomorrow is Friday?

Things have continued heating up for the ELP Crew with the excitement surrounding Dianne and John’s wedding day photos and also the Nietes Family’s maternity session. I am so excited to share the news that ELP has been accepted into two exclusive professional wedding photography associations: The Wedding Photojournalism Association and Fearless Photographers!

The Wedding Photojournalist Association grants membership to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the industry–photographers who focus on using their photography skills and excel at capturing moments and documenting weddings.

We strongly believe photographers who consider themselves “wedding photojournalists” should create and present work with MINIMAL portraits and details. As far as the WPJA is concerned (and membership therein), photographers primarily preoccupied with portraits and details are not wedding photojournalists. Because of the many referrals that come as a result of membership, the WPJA expects a photojournalistic impression of member web sites. Photographers who favor wedding images on their web site that reflect traditional portraiture, people looking at the camera, gowns fanned out, portraits of brides staring out windows, and/or detail shots of flowers, dresses, shoes or rings, will not be accepted into the WPJA. Read more…

Fearless Photographers is a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.

There are many photography directories on the web to help couples gather ideas for decor, dress, and event planning. However, this site focuses on exceptional photography and best serves individuals who are passionate about photography and seeking a photographer with distinctive vision for their wedding day. Read more…

Both organizations require an evaluation of the applicant’s website and portfolio, and is only granted membership if the evaluators determine that the photographer’s work meets the association’s standards. The WPJA further extended their invitation to include membership in their Artistic Guild subcategory, which is exclusively for wedding photographers who have demonstrated creative use of artistic effects and creative photo editing techniques! (I do all of Eric’s post-processing, so we all know this one’s mine – right? LOL) Kiddinggggggg!

We are beyond belief at how far ELP has come over the past year and are grateful to God and our family, friends, and clients who are always so supportive and wonderful. You all are the reason we love what we do, and the motivation for us to continue pushing ourselves to be even better everyday. I am so proud of you all: Eric, Jeff, Brent!



Before I go, I have to post something for #tbt! Here is Eric back in November 2009 at the Colts vs. Patriots game in Indy sporting my Canon Rebel XT with a Tamron 18-200mm lens! Just a little inspiration that every good story has humble beginnings :)



Be blessed, everyone!


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  1. Eric Llanes
    Eric Llanes says:

    This image couldn’t have been more appropriate! What a great write up Love; thank you! Most importantly, THANK YOU to all of our family, friends, clients, and fans that have supported us through this AMAZING endeavor; it truly has been both humbling and an honor! I have an awesome team, and it’s the hard work of these extremely talented individuals (Brent, Jeff, and Sara) that have taken us this far! If you haven’t already, check out the re-designed website that Sara built, it’s absolutely stunning! I can’t begin to express my elation!!! Thank you, ALL OF YOU!!! P.S. Honey, you should have chosen a “blurrier” picture from Indy, this one isn’t as bad as some of the others! LOL

  2. Dianne Pallera Abelon
    Dianne Pallera Abelon says:

    CONGRATS!!! After all you have done for us this year, not surprised but really glad you have been recognized!


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