Northern Virginia Engagement Photo Session: Ramonda + Will

Ramonda is one of those friends from high school that you knew then, but realize later on in life that you missed out on so much by not getting to know him or her better until now. We all have them, right? Hopefully I’m not the only one.

I still remember the morning I decided to send her a private message on Facebook. I’d been seeing her posts in my news feed over the past few years and had always assumed that she was doing well with the family and kids thing, like most of us in our generation. But because her posts were always either super inspirational or tongue-in-cheek witty, I was shocked to learn that her husband had died while she was pregnant with their son, George. At this point, George was already 3 years old, so it happened 3 years prior. Not only did my jaw drop at the thought of what she’d been through, I was even more in awe of how strong this woman could be for continuing to speak positive thoughts on Facebook. So much so, that such a life-altering event had slid past me and possibly others in her Facebook Friends list. And in a world where we complain daily about stuff we can change (i.e. our morning commute, our stupid boss, or how fat we feel).

My heart hurt for her that morning, and even though it had been a couple of years since her husband died, I wanted to send her a message. I was scared I would open up old wounds, or that I’d be knocking on the door of a bitter woman’s house, but I’m glad I sent it anyway. Because ever since, I’ve been blessed with getting to see what kind of special-ness a woman needs to be THAT kind of woman, mother, and friend. Just knowing her personally challenges me to be more trusting of God; and she has always – and CONTINUES – to declare blessings upon my life and Eric’s.

During a photo shoot that we did for her and Baby G, she predicted that we would be full-time photographers, doing weddings, sharing our talent to bless and inspire others. How did we respond? “NAH!!!!!” “We would never quit our jobs!” “We couldn’t do weddings!” – and yet here we are. This photo was taken in May 2012, when ELP was just barely starting out:



I won’t go into what Ramonda says is in store for us next, because it’s pretty outrageous – HA! If it happens, though, I promise I will tell everyone that you called it, Monda! LOL

So, fast forward a little over a year since the photo shoot above – and we’re so thrilled that it’s an engagement shoot! Will proposed in front of lots of their family and friends on their cruise, and as soon as she got back to land and reliable cell phone reception, she told me the news and said ELP were the only ones she wanted for her wedding photography. We’re SO HONORED and thankful and grateful and ahhhhh! Just so happy for all of you. Thank you for coming up to stay with us last weekend and cooking US breakfast with some pure Anderson’s Maple Syrup! Tell George to come bring back the lion he took ASAP!

IMG_6054 IMG_0865 IMG_0890 IMG_0968 IMG_1092 IMG_1045 IMG_1118-2 IMG_1145 IMG_1010 IMG_0977 IMG_1183 IMG_6037 IMG_6108 IMG_6123 IMG_6185

Congratulations, Ramonda and Will! We’ll see you guys again soon for your next visit!


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